Bridge Baron

Bridge Baron 29.00

Learn to play Bridge by practicing with computer-controlled opponents

Select the set of rules that you want to play under: duplicate, rubber, Chicago duplicate or Chicago rubber and test your bridge skills against an AI with a low-medium level. Ask for explanations for the bids you don't understand by clicking on them and play for your partner in case your axis wins the bidding.

Bridge is a popular trick-taking game played by a lot of people from all around the world. Since it is a very famous game with a comprehensive history, competitive playing is also highly-developed. A lot of tournaments are available, both offline and online. If you’re interested in playing competitive bridge, then Bridge Baron will be will help you practice and improve your skills. Anyway, Bridge Baron will also come in handy if you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to play bridge.

Bridge Baron is a very comprehensive utility that comes with no less than 53 octillion (that´s 53 billion billion billion) bridge deals as possible random deals. Different bidding systems (standard American, two-over-one game forcing, goren, precision, la Majeure, and forum D) and a huge lot of conventions are supported. It even lets you compete in bridge tournaments and receive scores based on actual tournament results from popular events. A lot of statistics are also available.

The interface of Bridge Baron is well-structured and makes using this program a simple and easy task. The program itself is also pretty lightweight and resource-friendly despite the fact that it comes packed with plenty of additional functions and features.

Cutting the story short, Bridge Baron is simply great for learning or practicing the game of Bridge.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports a lot of bridge conventions
  • Different bidding systems are supported
  • Quite lightweight and resource-friendly


  • Pricey
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