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Bridge Baron is a program which teaches you how to play Bridge's cards game
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Bridge Baron is a program which teaches you how to play the popular Bridge card game. Bridge is a trick card game that uses a standard card deck. The game is played by four players who are divided into two teams. Millions of people play this brain-challenging game.

The first thing you have to do when running this program is to select the bidding system. You can choose between: standard American, two-over-one game forcing, goren, precision, la Majeure, and forum D. Once the choice has been made, the main window displays all the rest of the settings. There are just a few settings to be made, but read them twice before selecting or modifying them. For example, the bidding system option can’t be modified now, as it can be selected only in the beginning. On the other hand, you can modify the skill level (I really think you should select level one if you've never played bridge or haven't used this program before), and this is going to be reflected in the game’s complexity and the thinking time per bid given to you.

Furthermore, you can select the aggressiveness of the other players. If you select a high rank of aggressiveness, be sure you have a good hand and you are an experienced player.

Once the bridge game starts, it's time to carefully and thoroughly think before every move you make and every card you put down. In addition, you can select to make a contract (a feature that allows you to get many points, but in case i's not fulfilled you're disqualified).

Learn, understand and eventually master the game of Bridge using the great Bridge Baron program.

Rory Shaffer
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